Designed for ambitious managers' and consultants

Our doctorate programme is designed to help students use research methods to define, implement and evaluate potential solutions for very real business issues. The DBA has two distinct stages. Complete them and you’ll be among the very best practitioners of research-based business solutions in the world.

Whereas a PhD will develop professional researchers, this DBA will enable you to use research methods to define, implement and evaluate the strategies necessary for your business.

1. The Courses Stage

Demonstrate the knowledge and expertise required to underpin the subject of your thesis.

2. The Research Stage
  • The mentored phase: Define an appropriate subject for your thesis.
  • The supervised phase -  Conduct a literature search, then write and defend your thesis.
The EBS DBA offers a number of valuable benefits.


The programme:

  • builds on the internationally successful EBS MBA programme, utilising established distance-learning-based delivery and support systems;
  • produces applied research professionals – people who are able to analyse complex business issues and develop original and reliable solutions; and
  • generates understanding of synergies and insights that can only be developed by integrating different disciplines within the context of original research.

When I was in the final stages of the MBA programme, EBS suddenly launched the DBA programme. Though, I was aware that the self-study pathway for the DBA programme would be a daunting task, the attraction of being trained in applied research based thinking and methods to define, implement and evaluate real business issues drove me to go for the challenge.

The DBA has been an incredible experience. The programme has not only trained me in applied research based thinking, but has also broadened my understanding of strategic management. However, the greatest experience of all has been to prove to myself that I was capable of overcoming the intellectual challenge to conduct research at doctoral level.
Petter Tömmerberg

08-544 715 70

To Whom: 

Managers', consultants and key person in the organisation.


Level 8 (enligt EU:s referensram)


Svärdvägen 23, Danderyd


There is no fixed start date for the DBA programme; you can apply and commence your studies at any time of year.


To be eligible for direct admission to the DBA programme, you must hold at least one of the following qualifications:

  • a Heriot-Watt University MBA;
  • an approved MBA of equivalent standard to that offered by EBS;
  • a Masters degree such as MSc, MA, MPhil in a relevant field of study; or
  • a PhD in a relevant area.

1. Courses stage

  • Self-study three courses, SEK 13.000 per course plus VAT
  • Examination fee SEK 2.000 per exam plus VAT

2. The Mentored stage:

  • £600 per 6 month period, payable in advance of each 6 month period. Mentoring fees can only be paid direct to EBS. (3 month = £1800 total)

3. The Supervised stage:

  • £4000 per year. Payable in advance of each 12-month period. (3 years = £12.000)

Average cost is about £ 15.800 (SEK 183,000)