In our programmes we co-operate with Edinburgh Business School, the Graduate School of Business at Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, Chartered Management Institute.

Executive Management Institute has a unique partnership with Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University. A successful MBA programme is a major international success. Over 9,000 active students from 150 countries are studying at the university. The literature is written by international experts from various universities with vast practical experience. The MBA programme is demanding and requires you to achieve a great deal. Executive Management Institute implements the program in Sweden with Swedish teachers since 1999.

The programme is run in conjunction with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), London. It was established more than 50 years ago, and currently has some 90,000 members (managers). In its capacity as a leading professional organisation in management, the CMI is accredited for awarding credit points for some of its training courses. The Executive Management Institute is an approved partner of the CMI and has the right to arrange CMI training courses.

Global CMC is an accredited website of ICMCI. It aims to serve the global CMC community and add value to the CMC profession. In addition to services to CMCs Global CMC facilitates the Management Consultant, Business and Student Community worldwide.
To prove “Business Leadership in Practice” at a global level Executive Management Institute, Sweden as technical partner of ICMCI developed www.globalcmc.com in the year 2009 to serve a global community of 10,000 consultants worldwide.

SAMC, Swedish Association of Management Consultants (Sveriges Managementkonsulter) is the Swedish organization for improving management consultancy in Sweden. The association was founded April 6, 1967 by Holger Bohlin as chairman.
SAMC (Swedish Association of Management Consultants) certifying management consultants to the international level.