Our mission:

We help ambitious people in a leading position and their organisations in their business who wish to acquire advance management and consulting skills so they can be more successful.

We successfully develop managers in to business leaders by combining standard management theory with business practice delivered by recognized industry experts. After the training programme the candidates go through an assessment process or formal exams to get their qualifications. We have an international profile with flexible and cost-effective programs - and a high service level.

Our management training framework provides participants with significant practical value. Therefore we differentiate ourselves from competitors in a decisive manner.

  • We have partnership with leading organizations and universities, and qualified management consultants from the business.
  • Our programmes aim to create practical career skills - in accordance with EU qualifications systems.
  • Education, training and consultation takes place both individually and in small groups.
  • The flexibility to adapt our training programs enhances the participants experience and skill level.
  • Our slogan is "Business Leadership - In Practice!"

Our vision

To be the best Management Institute for ambitious leaders and consultants.


Our characteristics

  • Professionalism, perseverance and generosity
  • Programme management and teachers with specific expertise in their field
  • Continuous improvement and renewal of our programmes
  • Meet customer demands and expectations
  • Quality management ISO 9001:2008
The Institute carries out both generic and customized training. Our partners are Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University and CMI, The Chartered Management Institute. 


Invest in a new career with us by choosing our executive programmes!


Mikael Jensen, Director