The MBA program from Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, is a top quality and international graduate education. Executive Management Institute runs this programme in Sweden.

An MBA for tomorrow's leaders, today!

Bring your passion and drive to learn and we'll give you a rigorous online MBA programme. The programme covers key management disciplines, including people skills, economics, marketing, accounting, finance, strategic planning and project management. You must pass seven core courses and two electives. There's a three-hour exam for each course.


  • You will receive an international degree from a leading university.
  • Targeting from a business perspective and move ahead.
  • You get supportive study material.
  • You receive strong web support.
  • No travel or project work.
  • You get flexibility - choose online and add seminars.
  • You choose the pace of study and adapt the training to suit your requirements.
  • You turn knowledge directly into practice.
  • You receive a favourable payment plan.


Your choice - flexible approach

  • Study online with support from the EBS website.
  • Learn three modules to obtain a "Certificate" and build further three modules (Diploma). Then remains the last three modules to achieve the MBA degree (nine).
  • International accreditation.
  • The MBA takes 2-3 years depending on the rate at which studies are carried out.


The aim is to provide participants with new knowledge but also to verify that you are doing the right things for the better, and successfully lead businesses and organizations. MBA education is in many countries a prerequisite for advancement within the company and to ever be considered for certain senior executive positions.

After the training, participants will:

  • Get holistic approach to management.
  • Have a strategic understanding, thinking and behaviour.
  • Enhance their career development.
  • Strengthen their company's profitability and position.



All exams take place under the auspices of Edinburgh Business School four times a year. You will be allocated to an examination centre local to you.


  • Nine courses, takes 2-3 years of study at half speed:
  • The program can be studied on distance (online), each module requires a total of 150-200 study hours depending on capacity.
  • No projects trips.
  • No project work.
  • Study at your own pace. Of course, you get help with planning from us.


MBA structure
The courses can in principle be taken in any order but it is wise to set up a study plan with ExMI before starting. Total read nine modules including:

  • Seven modules are compulsory
  • Two modules are optional
  1.  People, Work and Organisations
  2. Economics for Business
  3. Delivering Successful Projects
  4. Strategic Marketing
  5. Leadership Theory and Practice
  6. Financial Decision Making
  7. Developing and Executing Strategy
  8.  Elective course 1
  9. Elective course 2

Specialist MBA
You can also add two more to get you up to eleven modules and take a specialist MBA (specialized in Financial Management or Marketing).


The literature is intellectually stimulating and supportive
The literature is written by leading international figures from the various universities with a lot of practical experience. 


Course website
You get an informative and highly equipped programme page where you have access to current modules, past papers, self-assessment tests and contact with faculty.



MBA - Master of Business Administrat

+46 8-544 715 70

Manager and key persons

Level 7 (according to the EU framework)

Nine courses
1. Accounting*
2. Economics
3. Finance*
4. Marketing
5. Organisational Behaviour
6. Project Management
7. Strategic Planning
8. Elective course 1
9. Elective course 2

*) We are replacing Finance and Accounting with Financial Decision Making and Leadership will be a core module. The current course will only be available until July 2021 for purchase and June 2023 for examination.

Nine courses, each course requires approximately 200 hours of study.

Entry condition
Bachelor degree or equivalent.

Distance learning starts individually.

Examination fees (excl VAT)

  • MBA online SEK 117.000.
  • Exam fees (SEK 2000).