How do you do with the successful sale of qualified consulting? To get the confidence to deliver advice and support to the client requires professional sales. Success requires good marketing, confident selling and good references.

The Program Focus

  • How do you segment the market
  • Techniques to optimize, evaluate and control the sales against targets
  • Problem Identification to write value-creating quotes and contracts
  • How to lead and govern the sale with the help of plans, metrics and structured processing
The program is for you as a consultant and want to develop the sales work.

You want to develop your skills to the successful sale of high-quality consulting services.

We conduct seminars, workshops and "business cases" from Harvard Business School. It's about real-life descriptions of situations in business, ie problems to be solved.

  • You get a program tailored just for your business and common goals
  • You get a solid material
  • You strengthen your position
  • You are trained in problem-solving
  • You apply the knowledge directly into practice
  • You broaden your knowledge in service sales
  • You meet highly qualified teacher / management consultants
1. Relationship marketing
One of the key moments in the sales process is to create trust by a credible message. We go through the combination of relationship-based sales will find new and develop existing customers.

2. To sell consulting
Here we will focus on how to create a structure in their own prospecting, canvassing and follow-up.

3Customer benefits and expectations
With the help of a good needs analysis, one can argue from their own unique selling point (USP), creating the platform that makes it possible to create effective and profitable trades.

4. Strategies for consulting sales
Furthermore build the key account strategy that creates the foundation of the past and work out a personal KAM plan for future customer processing.

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Management consult or managers

Level 5 (according to the EU framework)

The Corporate intern programme starts

A total of four days, requires five hours a week in your own job.

1. Relationship marketing
2. To sell consulting
3. Customer benefits and expectations
4. Strategies for consulting sales

SEK 22.500 excl. VAT


Start - Wednesday, December 3, 2014

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