Specialist programme for those who have the ambition to develop as an international marketing & sales specialist. The program offers several dimensions of professional skills and deepens your knowledge in sales and marketing which in turn increase your marketing demand.

Specialist Consultant in Marketing - Career Outlook
From an international perspective, growth as a specialist consultant in Marketing is to increase by 10% up to the year 2018. Most are looking for people with specialist knowledge in marketing that can transform theories into profitable actions and achieve results of operations. You get the following competitive advantages:

  • Become a professional marketing expert
  • Develop stronger competitive advantage
  • Increase market demand for your services
  • Obtain specialized marketing skills
  • Develop scientific solutions to marketing problems
  • Get equipped with many of the essential marketing tools and techniques
Study 3 Courses and qualify for the Specialist Certificate for Marketing Consultants

Marketing In highly competitive markets the success or failure of a product or service may be determined by the marketing decisions you take. This course will help you make the right decisions. The course will enable you to analyse and critically evaluate marketing problems and opportunities. It will also help you develop and implement marketing strategies and programmes which take best advantage of your firm's situation.

Marketing Communications - The often-misunderstood concept of marketing communications is examined from a strategic perspective in this course and it assumes relationship marketing to be essential and sees communication in the context of both transactional and relational exchanges. Corporate and marketing communications are considered as important components of the complete process.

Services Marketing - The theme of this course is that service organisations differ in many important respects from manufacturing businesses, requiring a distinctive approach to planning and implementing marketing strategy.

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Consultants in leading position & individuals interested to develop themselves as Specialist Consultants 

Level 7 (according to the EU framework) 

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Edinburgh Business School is home to one of the most challengin & rewarding business education programmes for ambitious executives from across the globe. 

SEK 33,000 and Fees for the exam ( SEK 1500 / exam) 

Certificate:3 Modules, 30 ECTS Diploma: 6 Modules, 60 ECTS Degree: 9 Modules, 90 ECTS 

Admission Requirement
Bachelor degree or relevant management education 

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Distance learning starts individually.