Specialist training is intended for ambitious people who want to develop their expertise in the HR field. Our specialist programs for Human Resources Consultants is an intellectual challenge up that equips the participant with all the essential tools and techniques in HR. In addition, you will improve your overall role as HR consultant and develop your management skills. 

Specialist Consultant in HR - Career outlook 

With an international outlook, growth as a specialist consultant in human resources will increase by 17% up to 2016. Many employers are looking for people with specialist knowledge in HR that can transform theories into profitable actions and achieve successful results in business operations. You will achieve the following competitive advantages: 

  • Become a professional marketing expert
  • Get stronger competitive advantage
  • Increase market demand for your services
  • Specialist in HR
  • Knowledge of HR strategic function
  • Perspectives on tools in HR
Study 3 Courses and qualify for the Specialist Certificate.

Human Resource Management - This course, you will understand HRM from a strategic perspective and an operational perspective. Strategically, HRM policies and activities are designed to support and reinforce more general business strategies and objectives.

Performance Management - This course addresses the topic of performance management, a continuous process of identifying, measuring and developing the performance of individuals and teams and aligning performance with the strategic goals of the organisation.

Developing Effective Managers and Leaders - This course adresses, what exactly is included in the term development, and how is this to be distinguished from management training, education and learning? Why should we focus exclusively on managers and managerial roles? What is meant by effective performance, and how is this to be interpreted and measured?

You choose when and where you want to study, for example, one course per quarter, but if you want to spend more time you are free to do that. You have access to the materials, both as a text books and electronic material. You can communicate with faculty on regular basis through the course website. Materials are of very high international quality and in English. After each course, you can sit the exam that gives you 10 ECTS credits

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Consultants in leading position & individuals interested to develop themselves as Specialist Consultants 

Level 7 (according to the EU framework) 

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Edinburgh Business School is home to one of the most challengin & rewarding business education programmes for ambitious executives from across the globe. 

SEK 33,000 and Fees for the exam ( SEK 1500 / exam) 

Certificate:3 Modules, 30 ECTS Diploma: 6 Modules, 60 ECTS Degree: 9 Modules, 90 ECTS 

Admission Requirement
Bachelor degree or relevant management education 

Programme Start
Distance learning starts individually.