Specialize and increase profits!

The program is for ambitious people who want to develop a specialist competence. You get in-depth knowledge in your field which improves the quality of your mission and increase customer demands. Specialize in areas such as Marketing, Strategic Planning, Human Resources and Financial Management. The quality of the literature and course materials is very high. You decide when and how you want to study - obviously under great responsibility and self-discipline.

You control the time and effort!
This program is unique in that you can tailor it to suit your interests and preferences. The program can be extended to a Master of Science Degree (MSc) in:

  • Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management

Consulting a profession with excellent prospects

Consulting is a profession that is growing and has a lucrative career outlook for ambitious people, who have a strong desire to learn and develop within their area of professional specialization.

Flexibility approach

  • Study Mode - You can study on distance where you can decide when and how to manage your time
  • Program Structure - you read three courses equivalent to 30 ECTS credits (Postgraduate Certificate)
  • Beneficial price - you get an international quality education at a competitive price. Moreover, you can split the payment

International partner

The program runs in collaboration with Edinburgh Business School, UK

Unique benefits

  • ECTS Credits
  • Career driving skills
  • International specialization
  • Strengthens your competitive advantage
  • Improves your overall skills
  • Increase Market Demand for your services

Our services means

  • High level of service to our customers.
  • Well-developed course page online with guidance and support.
  • Study material written by international experienced professionals. Including text book and electronic material.
  • Executive Coach who will guide you during your studies.
  • Access to vocational guidance and feedback during the learning process.


+46 8-544 715 70

Consultants in leading position & individuals interested to develop themselves as Specialist Consultants

Level 7 (according to the EU framework)

About Partners
Edinburgh Business School is home to one of the most challengin & rewarding business education programmes for ambitious executives from across the globe.

SEK 33,000 and Fees for the exam ( SEK 1500 / exam)

Certificate:3 Modules, 30 ECTS Diploma: 6 Modules, 60 ECTS Degree: 9 Modules, 90 ECTS

Admission Requirement
Bachelor degree or relevant management education

Programme Start
Distance learning starts individually.