Corporate Internal Program
A corporate intern program is an effective way to coordinate the leaders towards common goals. We provide guidance tailored directly to the customer's needs and wishes.

It may be that the management team needs to develop their roles and tasks to create more growth in the organization

  • It may be that young managers need to develop skills to take on more advanced tasks.
  • It may be that the company needs to train managers to be able to operate on the international market.
  • It may be that the company wants to put employees' knowledge at the centre and ensure that it remains in the company.
  • It may be that the company needs to develop a strategic model to make good strategic choices, more effective communication strategy within the organization.
  • It may be that the company wants to develop managers' financial knowledge of various economic and business applications that exist at such as growth, inventory constraints, market share, cost reductions or how to limit their risks in transactions with foreign countries, etc.

Advantages of an in-house programs are numerous, such as
  • Managers discuss relevant issues together and can work out a common solution
  • Managers get to know other managers in the organizations and get a better understanding of their situation
  • With today's turbulent market and demands for adaptation, a company must constantly be in tune in terms of expertise and contacts
  • These programs can serve as a parallel process expertise with the company's other development
Executive Management Institute has unique and proven techniques for working with the clients and in-house development programs to achieve success for the customer.

Development model in five steps
For our customers to obtain optimal benefits from their investment, we can offer a model in five steps. Working on the model is always in close cooperation with the customer and also require the customer's active participation.

Step 1 - Needs Analysis

We start by determining how the organization's level of competence is to be measured considering the development area being measured. Knowledge goals set and may even, depend on the training function and / or individual focus. This means the program can be structured so that each individual learns just what it takes to solve his / her duties in the best and easiest way.

Step 2 - Knowledge Inventory
We continue with a skills inventory that provides answers to what the employee can do today based on the needs and objectives.

Step 3 - Custom Development
In this step, it's time for designing the program which in some cases may be sufficiently detailed to recommend appropriate action for each individual employee.

Step 4 - Implementation of the Programme
The program is implemented. with a teachers support? interactive? workshop / seminar? In the workplace or in ExMIs premises? We recommend in any situation, the best choice is based on training needs.

Step 5 - Monitoring and evaluation

We ensure the program quality by measuring the effectiveness and, if necessary, offer various forms of continued support and feedback to the originator.

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For business and management tailored to your needs and demands.

A total of four days, every other week. Requires about five hours per week in own own job

1. Needs Analysis
2. Knowledge Inventory
3. Custom Development
4. Implementation of the Programme
5. Monitoring and evaluation