Professional Management Consultant
We offer a program for those who want to develop their role as a management consultant.

For whom
The program is aimed primarily at people who are a specialist consultant and want to broaden their professional scope. You strive for a future international certification.

A total of five days of seminars, requires about five hours a week with individual work. The program includes a total of 90 hours. Examination are required, and the presence of at least four of the five-day seminars, and accepted theory and project work.

To develop relevant knowledge and strengthen your skills for working as a management consultant at a professional level.

We work through a number of seminars and workshops "business cases" from Harvard Business School. It's about real-life descriptions of situations in business, a problem to be solved.


  • You meet people in the profession
  • You get a supportive study material
  • You meet professional tutors (CMC)
  • You maintain ethical standards and attitudes
  • You are trained in problem-solving
  • You apply the knowledge directly into practice
  • You broaden your knowledge in management
  • You meet highly qualified teacher / management consultants

1. The role of management
Management consultant is a profession that involves broad knowledge, experience, professional values ​​and ethics. You learn that there are different roles within the profession through which problems and solutions can be addressed from different perspectives.

2. Models and tools
There are a variety of modelling tools and techniques to use in connection with the assignment. As a management consultant, diversity is important. Through education, you develop your skills on how to use these comprehensive models and methods.

3. Consulting and Change
To understand how a management team works is a key knowledge management consultants should have. Different functions in areas such as finance, HR, marketing, management and public sector requires different skills. You learn to understand how management runs the adaptation to international increasingly fierce international competition, and how to handle it.

4. Consulting Process
To deliver quality through the consulting process, it is important to diagnose, plan, implement and reflects professionalism. Professionalism is not something you achieve without acquiring. You'll learn the methodology regarding professional conduct that creates added value for customers and increased credibility for you.

5. To sell consulting
Tackling the market and getting a client assignment is a tough task. To be successful you need good marketing and credible selling. You learn different ways of conducting effective relationship marketing to generate business.

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For those who want to develop as a management consultant.

Level 5 (according to the EU framework)

A total of five days, requires five hours a week in your own job.

1. The role of management
2. Models and tools
3. Consulting and Change
4. Consulting process
5. To sell consulting

Next start
January 25 2017 

SEK 24.700 excl. VAT 

Danderyd (maximum 12 participants per group)