Anders Baude, MBA and CMC, is president of a management consulting firm, Implement since 2003. He has 15 years experience as a consultant with strategic management, organisational development and change management. Anders has been an adviser to a large number of change processes in medium and large organizations. He has remained chairman of the trade association of the Swedish Association of Management Consultants from 2002 - 2008.

Ann Jönsson Lindström, Management Consultant with specialization in communications, business, leadership and new technologies, has been member of the board, small and medium enterprises. She has been the CEO of Square shopping portal, communications director at Digital Equipment, head of Telia's school and graduate programs and worked with business development at Sydkraft.

Bo Tonnquist is a consultant and teacher at Baseline Management AB. He has many years experience as a marketer, business developer, project manager and director in the Swedish business community as well as at an international level. Bo work with support, needs analysis, process mapping and innovation. He has authored several textbooks and manuals in leadership and is often engaged as a lecturer at conferences and trade shows. Bo has previously been a board member of the International Project Management Association, IPMA, Certification Board for the project.

Hans Richter, file. degree and MBA, CMC, Management Consultant. He is often invited as a controller or CFO of companies in need of enhanced economic competence. Our clients are both in Sweden and abroad.

Jan Berg Strand, Civ.ek with a doctorate in economic governance. Professor at the Norwegian School of Bergen. Previously director of operations management at RRV. For many years a consultant in financial management and program director for a large number of leadership courses with an international focus.

Lars Albinsson, has over ten years experience working on IT-driven business development consulting company Unusual Systems, where Lars was a founder as well as a CEO. Currently works as a management consultant specialized in product and business development, has no directorships and is writing a doctoral dissertation at the University of Borås and Linköping.

Louise von Matern, CMC, a management consultant and partner in the Implement MP AB, has 20 years experience in external and internal communications, including 10 years as a PR consultant and 5 years as a management consultant providing his expertise in change communication and organizational culture. Louise trains spokespersons to plan and deliver oral messages, and training in issues related to the communicative leadership.

Mikael Jensen, CEO, Executive Management Institute (1996) CMC, has worked as a management consultant since 1986 in strategic management. Mikael has a very broad profile. He is a lecturer and individual coach / mentor for participants in the various programs within ExMI under the slogan "Business Leadership - In Practice!"

Öjvind Norberg, CMC, MBA and President of Board and Management AB. Öjvind is the initiator and founder of the Academy Board in Sweden. He has worked with both international education mission and in the Swedish business community. Öjvind currently works primarily as a director, advisor to the ownership groups and business leaders as well as lecturer.

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