For learning to be active, the individual must be given the opportunity to reflect and to influence. This is why it is important that a program for management development does not simply concentrate on the acquisition of knowledge and observation of the behaviour of others. It must also provide significant space for the integration of the participants´ own activities and experiences, which can be studied and can lead to new knowledge. Well-tested and new learning methods, lessons and practical case studies are combined with multimedia programs and group exercises. The training is based on a high degree of IT integration.

The primary objective of our program is to create deeper insights into different leadership situations and how managers handle these in a rational way. Insight inspires commitment and creates the conditions necessary for personal development in work situations. 

With this as our foundation, Executive Management Institute has created a program that consists of a combination of group work and individual learning. The program engages and stimulates the participants to search for new knowledge. The willingness to act gradually increases during the program and results in a complete plan of action for a quality program at management level in a real company. The motivation to search for new knowledge eventually becomes a desire to change and take on new challenges.

Commitment alone is perceived as a reward, especially if the actions are creative and lead to the fulfilment of an objective. The ability and desire to take on responsibility as well as to learn and develop in unison with an assignment becomes a natural part of the training.

Our program represents a unique educational system for people in leading positions. The key words are think, learn, create and grow.