Terms and conditions
These rules form the basis for the policy and operations of the Swedish Association of Management Consultants' policy. These are based on and consistent with international ethical rules set by FEACO (European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations) and ICMCI (International Council of Management Consulting Institutes), of which Swedish Association of Management Consultants is a member and national representative.

Each member of the Swedish Association of Management Consultants (individual or company) has in writing agreed to follow the adopted ethical rules of the Association , as the basis for their own actions.

The term Consultant is refers to both individual consultants and consulting firms. The term Client refers to a company or organization asking for management consultant services.

The consultant considers all information received in the assignments as confidential and should not infringe from it for himself or allow someone else to do it.

Unrealistic expectations
The consultant should not mislead the customer by creating unrealistic expectations or promising certain results.

Fees and Financial Interests
The Consultant shall either accept the commission, compensation or other benefits from third parties in connection with recommendations to a client without his knowledge and permission. The Consultant shall not fail to disclose financial interests of third parties who may be affected by such recommendations.
Professional approach
The Consultant shall in all respects act professionally in relationships with clients, the public and colleagues. The Consultant shall act in such a way that the reputation of the management consultation as a profession is not damaged. The Consultant should only accept those assignments which he or she has the skills and resources to consult.

Conflicting interests
The Consultant should avoid to act in potentially conflicting positions or tasks in parallel, without the client / partners informed in advance and with their consent.

Clarification of the prerequisites
The Consultant should, before acceptance of an assignment ensure and clarify that there is a mutual acceptance of the objectives, scope, engaged consultants, work schedule and compensation rules, as well as personal, financial or other interests that may affect implementation.

The Consultant should refrain from influencing employee of the client to consider alternative employment without prior discussion with the client.

Cooperation with other consultants
Prior to hiring a subcontractor for performing a specific task or other consultants for cooperation the consultant should inform the client and get his/her approval. It is the consultant's responsibility to make sure if the hired person meets the requirements and regulations that apply to their own activities, such as the ethical rules.