Certified Manager & Leader CML, ensures that managers represents a high international standard of professionalism, expertise and application of ethics, managerial and leadership skills.

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Certification is a way to both verify and improve quality and develop leadership. Certification is something that increases across the board in all areas. A good and clear specification of requirements is the basis for a meaningful certification.

Systematic verification and certification of managers to show what is required of a leader. While the process itself is to ensure the desired development. An effective manager certification must rest on a solid and viable basis.

For whom
Certification of managers is for those who are in leading position or heading towards it in an organization. The basic requirements are at least 5 years of professional experience, including three years as a manager and a university education or equivalent.


  • You get a solid competence and managerial analysis
  • You may implement multiple Mental Skill Assessment Tests
  • You will receive personal feedback and reports
  • You will receive an individual development and a stronger self-confidence.
  • You will receive higher acceptance from your group
  • You will receive a fact-based tool that creates results

  • Quality assurance of the profession
  • Promotes professionalism in organizations so that the right quality managers and leaders are obtained.

  • CML process consists of the:
  • Competence analysis and drafting of management portfolio.
  • Mind Mapping and personality tests.
  • Description of priority management situations
  • Written report of the Assessment Case.
  • References that verifies the experiences and practices.
  • Establishing a personal development plan.
  • Interview at Certification.
  • Certificate issued, valid for a time duration of three years.

    The candidate achieves certification following assessment criteria:
  • Exhibits a systematic approach to management skills good qualities and abilities in key areas of management
  • Has clear positive growth trend and the potential can be verified in all areas of managerial activity
  • Exhibit systematic and positive evaluation trend from the previous performance as a manager.
  • Develops an improved understanding of the outcomes for the business key stakeholders.

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Level 6 (according to the EU framework)

Certification is carried out within the company.

Admissions Requirements
Certification of managers is for those who today are in top position heading towards a leading position in the organization. You have at least 5 years of professional experience, including three years as a manager and have a university education or equivalent.

Individual start and preparatory work plus the certification in the form of document review and interviews can be estimated to take about 30 hours per individual.

Certification fee (excl. VAT)